Turnkey service.

The product installation is entirely planned, created and realized considering
every single detail, from the location to the customer’s needs.
You will be assisted directly by us during every single step of the project.

Remote assistance.

Thanks our systems, one of our technicians can view the contents of your device and control
if it works correctly; in case of issues, he will help you by finding the best solution.


Our creative team will respond to all your branding strategies.
Communicating with your clients will only bring more fun:
just imagine your logo or your brand becoming a game that
can be offered to your customers.

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Multiplayer games.

Almabox’s devices have been designed to let the children play together,
in order to promote socialization, community spirit and cooperation.


Financial plans / Renting possibility

Our customer will be able to dispose of producer goods through the payment of a fee.
It’s a solution for small and large enterprises, with no effect on the bank credit lines.
The fee is fully deductible and there are no additional charges (as IRAP).

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