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Love at
first touch.

We have designed a Totem Touch Screen to give children
an experience of unforgettable game.
ArcadeBox offers you all the fun you want.
Scroll more than 20 Apps in seconds,
touch your favorite e start playing right away.

It is not the usual

The quality of the app gives you an incredibly smooth gaming experience.
Immerse yourself in 23.6


Born to
play with you.

Alex is a software designed and built by Almabox
dedicated to Touch Screen entertainment for children:
beautiful to look at and easy to use.
As soon as you turn it on, children already know what to do.

Choose the solution that suits best for you.

Display Touch
from 23.6 inches.

LCD monitor with LED backlight.
Full HD resolution 1920 x 1080.
10 touch points.
Touch Infrared technology.
Response time 3 ms.

Playing is easy.

PC and Audio

Intel Core i5 – 7260U CPU.
Ram 8 GB.
Intel Iris 650 Plus graphics card.
SSD 120 GB.