Interactive Projections.

Your magic wall.

Almabox’s interactive wall consists of a system of motion sensors,
a projector and a computer: these allow multiple interactions
with the games through the projection of dynamic images on the wall.

Only 6 square meters needed.

In a little space, a big idea.

Almabox’s interactive wall doesn’t require huge spaces,
only 6 square meters are enough: 300cm x 200cm.
Recommended ceiling height: 250/300cm
This product only requires a place that is not too much
exposed to the sun or to the artificial light,
because the console uses a protection system.

It's an eye that doesn't miss a thing.

The children’s movement is detected thanks to motion sensors.
The data is processed by a computer and displayed on the wall
through a projector that integrates perfectly all the systems inside the console,
with no need to connect any other external device.
Just connect to the electric power!

Choose the most suitable
solution for you.

Black or white.

The project of the console is the result of a long period of researches,
in order to create an elegant, compact and quite silent product,
thanks to the total absence of moving parts.

Playing is easy.

We think about the installation.

All the systems are perfectly integrated inside the console,
with no need to connect any other external device.
You will only need a power socket and a Wi-Fi network or a LAN cable.
Our technicians, after an inspection, will personally operate on site to install the product.

Immediate assistance.

Contact Almabox’s experts via chat or telephone.
You can write us and demand to be contacted whenever you prefer.
One of our operators will ask you some simple questions and through
these he will be able to solve the problem by telephone or electronically.

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