pavimenti e tavoli interattivi

Black or white?

Fast and easy!
You only need the remote control and your arms
and legs movement to interact with Almabox!

Plug & Play

For a successful installation Almabox needs a place not too exposed to
sunlight or artificial light as the console has a protection system.
All the systems are fully integrated within the console so you don’t
need to be connected to any external device.


Children can play in total peace and autonomy
without the presence of an adult.

A new way to play

The distinctive feature of the console is the incredible wireless
technology that allows children and adults to play in a complete
freedom while having fun.
The design is the result of a long work whose primary aim was to
create an elegant, compact and rather silent machine, taking
advantage of the complete absence of moving parts.
A specific sensor reacts to the vector strengths and to the orientation
in comparison to the three-dimensional space, locating the human
movement on the projected background.

pavimento interattivo

Technical specifications



Height from the ground: 250/300 cm
Width: 300 cm
Depth: 200 cm

Height from the table: 150 cm
Table width: 100 cm
Depth of the table: 60cm

Dimensions, weight and colors

Height: 60 cm
Width: 45 cm
Depth: 20 cm

14 kg


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