Large display.
Great fun.


The large display that children have always dreamed of.
With over 15 apps to play with. It will be the beginning of
a new experience, a world of touch games selectable from the menu,
in line with children’s tastes. Incredible adventures, in one place,
to play on our new one touch screen

Available in 23.6
or 43 inches

All the fun
in a screen.


Born to
play with you.

Alex is a software designed and built by Almabox
dedicated to Touch Screen entertainment for children:
beautiful to look at and easy to use.
As soon as you turn it on,
children already know what to do.

Choose the solution that suits better for you.

43 or 55 inches
Touch Display

LCD monitor with LED black-lighting
Full HD Resolution 1280×720
10 touch points
Capacitive touch technology